Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you seen this laptop bag? One would think that a bag this colour would be easy to find. But apparently not if you work for Air Canada.

Hello. My name is Sylvia Duckworth and I am the victim of severe customer neglect in the hands of Air Canada. This is my story. (Click here to watch the video version.)

On Thursday, May 2, I rushed off an Air Canada flight from Toronto that was cancelled due to mechanical problems. Once settled on the alternative flight some 45 minutes later, I realized I forgot my laptop underneath my seat. 

These are the steps I took to get my laptop back. Bear in mind that the cancelled plane with my laptop was grounded and not en route anywhere.

1)  I asked the flight attendant on plane 2 if she could contact someone to retrieve it. Didn't happen despite her assurances that she would.

2) I tweeted @AirCanada for help. Didn't get it. (Click here for my Storify about this.)

3) Once in Montreal, I begged Air Canada luggage agents for help, explaining that I need my laptop for the next three days to conduct teacher training seminars. They refused to contact Toronto for me.

4) For the next 4 days I pleaded with Air Canada Lost Baggage agents in India (yes friends, that's where they are) to contact Toronto. They didn't. 

For a week now (update: 4 weeks now), Air Canada says that they continue to look for my laptop. The original plane is now back in circulation and I am losing hope that I will ever see my beloved MacBook Pro again. 

I asked Oge Ogbechie, head of Air baggage claims, how I would go about getting a replacement laptop. This was her answer:

"All air travel is governed by Tariff regulations. These regulations preclude liability for cabin baggage or other items that are considered in the passenger's own care and control. We therefore, are unable to consider your request for a replacement."

Dear PLN, now I am asking for your help to try to persuade Air Canada to replace my laptop. While I understand the rules, I strongly believe that Air Canada staff was negligent in helping me try to retrieve my laptop, lost in transition due to a cancelled flight. If you are on Twitter, a tweet to @AirCanada with the hashtag #MakeItRight and @sylviaduckworth would be fantastic! If you are not on Twitter, you can email Ms. Oge Ogbechie at 

Subject line:  Issue#:ABDA-MOID84:05/06/2013 11:25:20:Missing

Thank you SO much. Please click here to add your name to my list.


P. S. Please click here to read a letter I sent to Air Canada VPs. Did I hear back from them? LOL, what would be your guess?

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